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Zero. Point. Snark.

No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

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Stargate: Atlantis Recaps
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Following in the great tradition of snarky episode recaps, mylittleredgirl and mspooh bring you zeropointsnark (ZPS) -- a joint effort in Stargate Atlantis commentary. Unlike the Ancient ZPM used to protect the Atlanteans, ZPS is pointless fun poking at our favorite characters. We don't claim to be the funniest people in the fandom. We also don't claim to be the snarkiest. We're only here to share our deep, obsessive love for Ship!SQUEE and all things Atlantis.


(Recaps are also generously hosted at the Abydos Gate: John/Elizabeth Shipper Site)

Discussion is welcome and encouraged in the comment section of every recap, but spoilers for episodes that have not yet aired in the US will be smited down with great vigor.

FYI (because this question has popped up A LOT lately)

Question: What's the real origin of the nickname "Sparky" for Sheppard/Weir?

Answer: "Sparky" was officially created by nostalgia_lj on a Shep/Weir mailing list. There is no significance to it -- not because of "sparks" between the two; not because it first showed up in a fic -- just a totally random name picked out of thin air to avoid the sucktitude of fandom name-smushing, e.g. "Shweir" or "Jizabeth." (See: post)

Er... Spanky and Snappy have equally as fun stories behind them, but that's for another day.

(Not So) Fine Print:
1. We feel it goes without saying that we are in no way involved with any of the Very Important People producing this series, but we say it anyway just to make sure. Beyond the occasional baked goods sent in the mail. Editing guy! Call us!
2. Very strong language and adult situations. We're not sailors but we certainly swear like them.
3. Beware of excessive Sparky!Squee, Droopy!Pants, Naked!Chests, and Intense!Eyef*cking.
4. No sexy diplomats, bed-headed colonels, snarky scientists, Hermiod, or underdressed aliens were harmed in the making of this LJ. Well, not much. ["Oh, they liked it." -- Little Red]

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